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Sunday 10:30am to 12:30pm
Nob View Hotel, Ntinda

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Thursdays 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Nob View Hotel, Ntinda

Marriage Fellowship

First Sunday of the Month

Pastor Moses' Word for the Week

Our Praises, God’s Goodness and Faithfulness (29th Jun 2022)

Last Sunday’s service was epic for me and several other people. It was especially so because of the Presence of God that we felt. This heavenly experience was undeniably due to the wonderful songs of the moment which our great and dedicated worship team led us in.

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Latest Sermon

Keeping The Commandment To Love God, Part 2 (19th Jun 2022)

The foremost commandment God has given us is to love Him. Loving God means keeping both the commandments in the Bible, and those He gives us every now and again. In this sermon, emphasis is put on the latter. If we disregard God's commandments we shall reap unpleasant consequences. However, if we love Him by doing what He requires of us, we shall see His goodness.

Pastor Moses B. Musinguzi