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Thursdays 5:30pm to 8:00pm
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Pastor Moses' Word for the Week

‘Waiters’ for Jesus (30th Nov 2022)

It is the FIFA World Cup 2022 season, and I am watching as many games as possible. I was planning to tell you some of the spiritual and deeply emotional thoughts that have crossed my mind as I watched these games. However, after I read the first few sentences of Rick Joyner’s Word for the Week (see:, I felt that God wanted me to write about what I touched on last Sunday: our calling to wait for Jesus’ return.

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Latest Sermon

End Times (3): Escaping The Coming Wrath of God (27th Nov 2022)

The Great Tribulation will be followed by The Wrath of God. We are appointed for the former but not the latter. In this teaching, we study what we must do in order to escape The Wrath of God which includes going to hell.

Pastor Moses B. Musinguzi