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Nob View Hotel, Ntinda

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Thursdays 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Nob View Hotel, Ntinda

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Pastor Moses' Word for the Week

The LORD Is Good and Does Good Even in Famine (18th May 2022)

Following the dreams Dennis Mugimba and I had on the exact same day last week, I cannot but be amazed at the goodness of God. Even now when the nation is experiencing financial hardship, the LORD wants you to know that He is still good as He has always been, and will do you good. Hallelujah!

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Latest Sermon

Let God Multiply Your Money, Part 2 (22nd May 2022)

Your money is seed which when generously given away will return to you more than it went. Therefore, give God the opportunity of multiplying your money - give generously.

Pastor Moses B. Musinguzi