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Thursdays 5:30pm to 8:00pm
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Pastor Moses' Word for the Week

Fulfil Your Ministry, Part 3 (3rd Mar 2021)

In line with us fulfilling our callings, I thought you would be encouraged by an article I wrote in October. The message of the article is to once again admonish us to always prepare for our assignments, realizing that preparation time is never wasted time.

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Latest Sermon

Worship, Part 1 (28th Feb 2021)

A worshipper is one who worships all the time, both in the sense that their everyday life (eating, drinking, etc) is worship (if one does things for God's glory) and in the sense that the pauses taken to say affectionate, reverencing, things to God are everyday life (as a day-in-day-out practice). It is from this everyday life worship that one will adapt when days come along that feel not like every other day. The one who feels it that way will be accepted before God in acting on that feeling, based on how true to the feeling or conviction they remain, while doing so.

By Mr. Hillary Turyagyenda