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Thursdays 5:30pm to 8:00pm
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Pastor Moses' Word for the Week

The Coming Famine and Its Josephs (3rd Aug 2022)

The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it severe economic and food supply hardships that are still with us today. World over, people are suffering, and many are going without food. Weather crises have worsened the bad situation by causing famines in many regions. Seeing that we are drawing closer to the return of the Lord Jesus, we as Christians should know that at a certain point in the near future, just as it is prophesied in the Bible, things will definitely get worse than they are. When those times of severe lack and hunger come, there will be people like Joseph who will be privileged by God to provide for His children. These privileged by God ‘Josephs’ are being appointed and prepared now – and you can have the honor of being one of them.

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Latest Sermon

A High Quality Christian Before God, Part 2 (31st Jul 2022)

It is of no eternal value to have a good reputation before men but not before God. God will consider us of high repute or quality if we are fruitful in both the fruit of the Spirit and good works.

Pastor Moses B. Musinguzi