Pastor Moses and Family

A Moses was desired and he was born and surnamed Musinguzi (The Victorious One) as a prophecy that he will accomplish the purpose of God for his life – delivering people from the kingdom of darkness, into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son Jesus Christ. As a child, immediately he attempted speaking he suffered severe stuttering, a speech impediment that is believed to also have tormented biblical Prophet Moses at some stage in his life. Though this was a major handicap, it served a sure sign of a life that would progressively mimic Israel’s Old Testament deliverer in the way of being passionate for God, experiencing supernatural manifestations, winning souls, ability to teach God’s Word and leading millions into the promised Canaan of financial prosperity.

Pastor Moses is happily married to Geraldine Kaberuka Musinguzi. Together they have two children - Eden and Abigail, the most blessed girls in the world.