By Apostle John Enock Eziel
On the 28th of February 2017, I had a dream within which I experienced an open vision. With my eyes open, I saw an extremely beautiful Tower of Worship in the heavenlies. This Tower of Worship was still under construction and Last Adam Tabernacle (LAT) had been given an opportunity to be part of that construction.
There was a rope from heaven that linked it to both the Tower and LAT. The building objects that were required in the construction of the Tower of Worship were conveyed from LAT to heaven using the rope.
I was in LAT, on the ground, receiving magnificent building pieces from people. At a certain point Kenneth Babu, our keyboard player, was up at the Tower. Using the rope, I sent him a building piece which he fitted perfectly into the wall of the Tower. The building materials at a certain point were living creatures, and later were intelligent and healthy children.
A very beautiful song, which I have never heard before, started playing on my tablet. That power-filled song had lyrics with lines like "Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, The Cross, The Cross Has Overcome." I also remember seeing Norman Ngabirano, our worship leader, in the vicinity.
Pastor Moses Musinguzi then appeared before the LAT congregation. He told them, "Please master the basics being taught in the Bible Study, before you crave for the deep and hard revelations; otherwise you will mess yourselves up."
As the song continued to play, I suddenly realized I was in heaven communing with my deceased father. I also recall being welcomed into heaven by two beautiful young ladies.
Interpretation by Pastor Moses Musinguzi
There's a literal Tower of Worship in heaven. Just like how our mansions in heaven are built up with things we do for the Lord, the Worship Tower is built up by our worship in spirit and truth on earth as shown in this dream.
This dream also shows how pleased God is with the worship at LAT, symbolised by the beauty of the children that the building blocks turned into.
The dream also shows how we join in communion with the saints in our worship and affirms Kenneth Babu's role in LAT's worship team.
There's also a reminder of how important the Bible study is for LAT members' growth.