By Dr. Dennis Mugimba

On Thursday night I slept at 1 a.m. after spending some time praying for our nation about protection against Corona virus. When I went to sleep, I had the following dream in the morning of Friday 20th of March 2020.

In this dream, I saw a person standing but couldn’t recognise who it was. I asked myself in the dream who this person was. I was told that the person was Uganda. As I looked, I saw a hat like a cowboy’s suddenly appear and placed on this person’s head. I then asked myself what the hat meant. I was told that the hat was for protection just like how a helmet protects.

Then, I saw a group of three doctors leaving my home. I could recognize that one of them is on the team of experts that has been appearing with H.E. the President during the Corona virus press briefings. I then told all the three doctors to go for the Corona virus test. They went for testing and were found negative.

End of dream ~


Since I went to bed having been praying about protection for Uganda against the Corona virus, I believe that the dream was revealing that Uganda is protected against the Corona-virus pandemic.

That a hat for protection was placed on the head of a man called Uganda means God has Uganda covered against COVID-19. This is further shown in the dream by the fact that Ugandan doctors tested negative for COVID-19.

We owe the LORD praise and thanksgiving.