By Dr. Dennis Mugimba

The LORD God gave me reassurances by way of three dreams I received in regard to Him watching over Uganda during this COVID-19 pandemic. The wee hours of Saturday the 04th of April 2020 found me praying for divine protection specifically for nations that have been hit really hard. In particular, I made mention of countries like China, Italy, Spain, USA, and the UK; and our neighbors.
I also took time to ask God what we ought to learn from this whole thing. While praying, my mind started to be flooded with thoughts of tourism growing in Uganda post-COVID-19. Since I was praying in spiritual tongues, I thought that may be these thoughts were my own imagination. I ignored the thoughts and said to myself; “If they’re from God, let them be confirmed in a dream.”
Then in the morning hours of 05th April 2020, I had the following two brief dreams; one after the other:
Dream #1: - I found myself in the setting of a hotel room watching TV. Suddenly, I saw a top leader in the Nation of Uganda appear on TV and announce that Uganda needs to increase its capacity in the Hospitality Sector.
Dream #2: - While still in the same setting as the first dream, I saw a businessman talking about the country preparing to host more tourists and getting accommodation ready (or something of the like).
Given what I had been praying about in the wee hours of 04th April 2020, I believe that these dreams were a confirmation.The two dreams are related and are talking about the same thing - an upcoming high demand for hospitality and tourism services in Uganda.
In the Post-COVID-19 period, Uganda will experience a surge in demand for hospitality and tourism services - and this could likely be the major revenue earner for us compared with pre-COVID-19 era.
1) As I was thinking about the dream that morning, I also remembered an earlier dream in which Uganda was being flooded with many tourists in 2021.
2) While still in the dream, I could sense that there will also be an increased demand for accommodation; a demand which our hotels won’t meet unless individuals invest in Bed & Breakfast services in their homes.
1) As a country, we need to plan ahead and put in place measures for travel advisories to cater for the influx of visitors.
2) Our hotels need to up their readiness to host more global-level conferences in preparation for the surge in demand for hosting.
3) For those interested in investing in the hospitality sector, it’s time to do your homework for Bed & Breakfast services - hotels won’t cope with the coming demand, and this isn’t for a short period.