By Dr. Dennis Mugimba

The morning of Sunday the 19th of April, 2020 I had the following dream:

I found myself being shown a version of the Bible that had been released by one of the major Christian religions of the world.
As I looked, I could tell that several portions of Scripture had been altered especially in the Gospels.
The changes were not easy to identify. I was only able to tell that the Bible version I was being shown had been altered because the changes in both letter and meaning were very different from that which I know based on the personal hard-copy of the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible that I have always had.
I could also tell while still in the dream that the alterations had been made with full approval and knowledge of the Head of that Christian Religion.
End of dream.
Possible Interpretation:
Plans are underway to alter the Word of God as we currently know it in the Bible.
The alterations shall be subtle but significant in altering the message in God’s Word as we currently know it. These alterations will easily be discerned by readers who are grounded in the true Word of God.
I believe that we can apply this dream in the following ways.
First, we need to be grounded in the true Word of God by reading and studying it. This will enable us to discern the true from the counterfeit Word of God.
Secondly, we need to be cautious with the versions of the Bible we read or distribute to others. This caution also applies to soft copy versions of the Bible that we access from the internet.
Lastly, let us pray that God shall give His children an increasing measure of the spiritual gift of discernment in these times we are in and those ahead.