by Honest Kamikazi

In 2013, a man of God told me to have a saving culture. I wrote it down in my notebook but had never looked at it again since. The night of Saturday 13th January 2018, before I slept, I opened that book and read that message I had written down in 2013. Then I continued reading Genesis chapter 49, having finished the earlier chapters about Joseph - how by 'saving' he preserved multitudes through a famine. Then I slept off and had a dream.

I dreamt I was telling a friend to tell her prophet to save money for 3 months so that he can buy her a smart phone. Then I went to another group of people who I told that they should give and tithe but also save. While talking to them, I remembered it was Pastor Moses Musinguzi who had told me about tithing and giving in addition to saving.

by Sam Isoke

On 14th July 2017 I had a dream when we had gone for a camp meeting and we were expecting a guest speaker. As we waited, Ps. Moses began telling us over and over again that, "My purpose is to lead you into your prosperity."


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