by Anita Bananuka

In a dream on June 11 2017, I saw myself at LAT seated with Pastor Moses and two other people. Pastor Moses put out his hand and asked me to prophesy to him. As soon as I touched his hand I went into a trance and saw a clinic in Germany. I then told Pastor Moses, “All I see is a clinic in Germany.” Immediately after saying these words, I found myself standing in front of the whole church preaching. At some point, as I was giving examples, I pointed at Pastor Moses and said, “For example, Pastor Moses the healer.” Then I woke up. 

By Dr Dennis Mugimba

On the morning of Thursday 8th June 2017, I dreamt I was in a place where a Jewish give-away ceremony was taking place. In attendance were several Last Adam Tabernacle (LAT) single ladies and a dark-skinned slender lady who sings in the Zoe Worship Team.

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