I was in my office and I saw my secretary running in panting, looking like she was searching for something or someone. I asked her what was going on and she said there was a soldier knocking at the door. I asked her what door, because I knew that the door to the office was open. She said she had closed the door, so the soldier had found it locked. I asked her why she had locked it and she exclaimed about what was happening in the city. By now I could hear the soldier frantically banging at the door. I left my chair and went to the reception area. I could see the soldier knocking/banging at the door. He started calling me urgently, “Mzei, come! Mzei, come!” When I asked him what the matter was, he said it was not easy for him to explain what the matter was. However, it was clear that he needed help.

We reached the church hall and I was surprised to find an unusually large number of people, most of them pastors. I walked out with the pastors following me. Immediately we were outdoors, the soldier told me, “Look and see!!” I instantly looked up where he was showing me and I saw something that looked like a cloud – a heavy cloud, pregnant with a lot of rain. On top of the cloud was seated a man holding something like a hose pipe. He was sucking on the pipe, pulling and pulling intermittently. I walked about three feet to try and get a closer look at this man on the cloud, to try and understand him. It was difficult to understand – the form was of a man and his hose pipe had tentacles like an octopus, with the tentacles sucking from different places. I exclaimed, “This man is sitting atop all of Kampala!!”

Then a young person behind me said, “Not so Mzei. Those tentacles are spread out in the whole of Uganda, the man is sucking blood.” I was shocked! It was an extremely fearful moment, with the skies exploding in lighting and thunder, while the man continued sucking. Suddenly I remembered that we had armed soldiers with different weaponry on site. I asked where the soldiers were and the soldier I had come with said that they had already shot bullets at the man in vain. I asked if they had used arrows. The soldier got an arrow and I could see that it had changed and was now metallic; the string had also changed into a rope. We tried to shoot the arrow but the rope was so tough that we could not shoot. I could now see the pastors; they came to help me and together we pulled the rope so hard so that we could shoot the arrow. We pulled the string so far and I counted 1…2…3, and then we shot the arrow. It went so far until we lost sight of it. We could not see where it had gone, or whether it had hit the man or missed. I therefore told a man to bring a second arrow and we shot it too with the same result. Finally, we shot a third arrow and that is when thunder exploded so loud and the cloud collapsed to the ground along with the man and his pipe and tentacles. After it fell, people run in all directions like never seen before.

The above is a written translation from Luganda of Apostle Dr. Joseph Serwadda’s dream which he had on 8th December 2020 and narrated on 98.4 Impact FM the same day. An audio recording of the same has been circulating on social media from where I got it.

I never got to know what Dr. Serwadda’s interpretation of this prophetic dream was. Therefore, what you are about to read is my opinion of what God is saying to Uganda by this dream that He gave to his servant Apostle Serwadda.


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Museveni or Kyagulanyi?

I believe that this dream is a message of comfort to every Ugandan that because of the prayers of the Church (symbolized by Serwadda and other pastors), the election situation will not be of bloodshed to the scale the Devil wanted. I previously wrote a dream I had in 2018 in which after Bobi Wine’s soccer team had lost 2–0, he ran into the stadium stands to attack the supporters of the other team. I knew by that dream that God was communicating to us back then that the Presidential race would really be between President Museveni and Bobi Wine, and that Museveni would win because he was God’s choice, and that Bobi Wine, intentionally alleging a stolen election, would cause untold violence in the country. It is my opinion that Apostle Serwadda’s dream is an update from Heaven: The prayers of the Church have prevailed; the Devil and his principalities will not get the blood they wanted. Praise God.

Therefore, as we go to the polls tomorrow, do not waste your vote on Bobi Wine. Go and vote Museveni because for reasons that we might not know or understand, Museveni is once again God’s choice as it has been since 1986. At the same time, do not be anxious of what the post-election period holds. Yes, there will be some incidents here and there, but overall, it will be well with Uganda because that which was thirsty for human blood (life) was shot down by your prayers. More so, the police and army will quickly snuff out any little chaos the Bobi Wine camp will cause. The danger to the country that Bobi Wine is has been greatly weakened by the spiritual casting down of the blood-thirsty spiritual entities he is working with.

So, rest in God’s comfort: this 2021 election will not be as horrendous as the Devil had planned. Museveni will have a clean ‘two-zero’ win (although he will definitely add in some illegitimate ‘goals’). And he, as Commander-in-Chief, will by the grace of God succeed in protecting life and property.

May God be praised for answering the prayers of the Church. Amen.