Starting last week on Sunday 25th October, I out of the blue developed a deep interest in the story of Abraham and the covenant God cut with him to become a multitude of peoples and a blessing to the nations. It was later in the week that I realized that God was reiterating to me, and LAT at large, the oath He made last year, that like Abraham, we shall by all means not only become a multitude of peoples, but also a blessing to the nations. Interestingly, I realized later that this reiteration was coming exactly one year from the day, (Sunday 27th October 2019), when the oath was given. Hallelujah!

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I believe Rick Joyner (one of my heroes) when he says that it is not mere coincidence that in Revelation 21:8, cowards top the list of sinners who shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone. Cowardice, especially when we fail to stand for the truth when God most needs our witness, is a very terrible thing. For that matter, we must fight cowardice the best we know how, even as we ask God to help us grow in boldness. This is especially crucial in these last days when those who call evil good are bent on persecution in order to silence the voice which exposes evil.

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