Last week, we drew examples of adequate preparation for our callings from Jesus and John the Baptist. This week, we must add Paul the Apostle to this list. In the book, “Angels on Assignment” by Charles and Frances Hunter, God allowed Roland Buck to take a look at a book containing the blueprint of Paul’s life. It was written in that book that Paul “would be used to bring the Gospel to kings, rulers, and men of authority. For this reason, God gave him a bigger brain capacity than normal, and because he was more brilliant, he caused him to study under the greatest teachers of his day, finally being tutored by Gamaliel, the most outstanding teacher of that time. God had chosen Paul to write the Scripture, the Epistles, His plan for the church and His body, so he prepared him for this task.”

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Although Jesus knew the one thing He had come to do on earth, He did not accomplish it immediately. Was He wasting time during the many years before He manifested Himself to Israel as the ‘sent one’? No; He spent those years preparing for His assignment.

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