Based on God’s commendation, and not on man’s, we as LAT have done very well in as far as serving the purposes of God in 2020. Our prayer should be that we do the same in 2021. In this last month of the year, we received two dreams which prove that indeed God approved our service unto Him in 2020.

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The dream I shared with you last week, in which my little daughter Abigail saw Jesus returning and had to ready herself for Him by bathing and doing good lest she goes to hell was an answer to prayer. A few days before that dream, I prayed to God to reveal Himself to Abigail so that she may love Him by taking seriously His instructions as revealed in the Bible. It had been of great concern to me that her progress in that area was slow. So I asked the Lord to intervene by revealing Himself to her – and He did. I do not remember specifically asking God to appear to Abigail in a dream. However, He chose to do so that way.

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