An acquaintance of mine had a friend (call him Stephanos) who gradually took on a character very unlike a Christian. Everything about Stephanos became of the Devil. This week, while I pondered on what could have turned this once godly man into a son of Belial, I had a very short dream. In the dream, my acquaintance told me that once, while Stephanos was reading a newspaper, demons entered him.

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Concerning all the things that God has promised us, we need to have hope; we must expect the goodness of God. We should take Israel for our example and inspiration: The hope (Ha Tikvah) the Jews had did not disappoint. For after close to two thousand years in exile, God indeed brought them back to repossess Israel and Jerusalem. As long as our hope is in God, it is just a matter of time before we ‘enter the promised land’.

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