I was outside playing with my sister Eden in the afternoon, although it was dark. Then I saw Jesus sitting on His white horse and coming down to Earth. Jesus’ hair was black and His skin color was light brown. He was wearing a white robe. He looked kind and beautiful. He smiled at me and I felt happy. Then I ran home into the house to tell Daddy, Mummy and Eden that, “Jesus is coming back. Sorry for the bad things I have done.” Then I bathed three times so that I might be clean when Jesus comes. Then I told Daddy, Mummy and Eden to be prepared because if we do bad things on Earth we might go to hell, and if we do good things we will go to Heaven. Then Jesus came back – and we had prepared ourselves! Therefore, Daddy, Mummy, Eden and I went to Heaven with Jesus. When I awoke, I felt like I was still in Heaven.

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For two years now, it seems like I cannot preach anything else other than “Jesus is coming back soon. Repent and walk in holiness without which you will not see the Lord.” I really believe it is God who has kept me at just this one message. Rick Joyner’s recent face-to-face encounters (watch: https://youtu.be/uHtwGGNy2uQ) with the Lord confirm my belief.

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