I found myself in a place that I knew was LAT and there were so many people in the building. I was the one leading the service as well as the one going to preach. Right before I asked the people to stand up and praise and worship, one of us, Mr. Allan Ananura, stood up and asked me: “Joan, are you sure that when we read and concentrate on the word of God, it will change our thought life or the way we think? In that moment in the dream I asked myself, “How did Allan even know that I was going to share about staying in perfect peace using our minds and the word of God?” So I turned and told Allan that I would explain after praise and worship.

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I was walking so fast through a big crowd in order to catch up with Elvis Mbonye. A distance behind me in the same crowd was my less than two-year-old daughter Eden. She was on her own, like a little tree in a large forest of very tall trees. All she had with her was her milk bottle in her mouth, lost in a multitude – while her father strove ahead to catch up with Elvis Mbonye.

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