Service and Provision in the Kingdom

by Pastor Moses Musinguzi

I was recently having an afternoon walk in the relatively rich part of the city of Oakland. Being part of the northern California bay area, this place is often cold; so any opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the sun is a God-moment.

This stroll got me to appreciate how materially blessed people here are. The housing is not anywhere close to what I know in Uganda. All the streets in that residential area are lined by cars worth the name. The roads are as first class as the country. And most of the people exude the aura of financial wellbeing.

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Empowered For The Master's Use

by Pastor Moses Musinguzi

We all are called to serve God in one way or another. And for our service to be acceptance unto Him (Hebrews 12:28), we need to be equipped with His supernatural empowerment, for humans hands can never serve Him (Acts 17:25). For God's part, He is ever willing to anoint us so that we are never in lack of what it takes to accomplish His purposes. What you require will always be supplied, and that, just on time. This I experienced recently and I want to share it with you, praying that you shall be greatly encouraged.

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