If you are ever trying to find out how to walk with God, next to walking by faith you must walk in love. The Bible says that you cannot love God whom you have not seen if you cannot love your neighbour whom you can see.

It borrows from the faith walk in such a way that -- as we shared last week -- because God is not seen, that conviction of Him existing although you don't see Him is best seen in your actions toward your neighbour. Your actions show whether you believe He exists or not. And so it is natural that from your walk of faith proceeds your walk of love. The person who believes that God exists is the the person who is compelled to love his/her neighbour.

Therefore, by loving your neighbour whom you see, you profess to seeing that God whom you don't see (with your physical eyes) and in so doing, you get to walk with God. Belief in His existence will turn into belief in His goodness, which will in turn result into love for your neighbour as a way of getting in touch with God.

Through your care and love for the people of God, you love God; and therefore you dwell with God and He dwells with you.

By Mr. Hillary Turyagyenda