The In-Touch Ministry exists to edify the Body of Christ in Last Adam Tabernacle (LAT) through opportunities of one-on-one ministry services of prayer, counsel, and encouragement.  It is also an avenue for LAT members to channel their feedback to the leadership on the various activities carried out by the church.

Registered, consistent members of LAT will be assigned someone to minister to them over the phone and through face to face meetings when and where it is necessary at a neutral and convenient venue. The 'carers' will also spend time in prayer for the members under their care.

This ministry was confirmed by God through a dream had by Prophet Dr. Dennis Mugimba:

On the morning of 8th January, I, Prophet Dr Dennis  Mugimba, had a dream. In the dream, I was telling some people who were to become part of LAT but are currently not; that the Church is announcing a new Ministry called In-Touch. But though we were going to announce the new ministry today; Sunday (in the dream, I could tell it was a Sunday), it would officially begin after it has been prayed for next Thursday.