by Apostle John Enoch Eziel

In a vision, four spirit beings appeared to me. They each introduced themselves as Love, Wisdom, Prosperity and Power in that order. 

Wisdom said to me, "We have been sent out in these last days to work in a greater measure with those called of God. I Wisdom shine brighter in the presence of my master Love." It seemed like Wisdom drew his power to shine through Love the same way the moon reflects the light of the sun.

Then Prosperity also spoke, "I also have been sent out to shine in a greater measure in the children of God in these last days. But the children of God seek me wrongly - I shine only where my master Love is invited. Without my master Love, all other principles about me are limited."

Then said Power, "I also have been sent out but people crave for me before they invite my master Love. Some even die because the devil counterfeits me a lot - many have perished in this way."

In this vision it was evident that whoever needed Wisdom, Prosperity and Power had to get Love first; then the other three would automatically be invited to accomplish God's will in the life of the individual.

Wisdom, Prosperity and Power all got power to shine from the person of Love who was quiet as the others talked.