Last Adam Tabernacle Children's Church has experienced immense spiritual and numerical growth since it began on 31st August 2014. We started off with four children and now we consistently have over thirty children in regular attendance.

When we began, it was with great expectation but not much experience. One thing was certain though; God had wonderful plans for the Sunday school, and He would do something new and different with us.

We do not follow a given curriculum. We as Last Adam Tabernacle are led by the Spirit of God, and so everything taught is decided upon prayerfully and by the leading of the Holy Ghost. Our lessons and teachings are based on passages in the Bible, and at times we have even been through sections from books such as "The Path" by Rick Joyner and "The Walk of the Spirit A Walk of Power" by Dave Roberson, as led.

We read scriptures and expound on them together. Our aim is to encourage the children to not just view the Word of God as stories for moral example, but to regard it as the very real Living Word, the experience of which is available to them in their day to day lives.

The children pray for 10 minutes in the Holy Ghost together every Sunday as we begin the service. We encourage them to get into a lifestyle and culture of prayerfulness, both in tongues and in the understanding.

I am always so amazed by what I hear from the children, from their dreams, to the visions they experience. On more than one occasion a young one has recounted a dream which narrates a future event straight off a page in the Bible, but they did not know it was in there. Many of them give accounts of the angelic beings they have seen, or of what they saw in heaven, and even of time spent with Jesus in a dream.

It is a wonderful thing to see children so open to the supernatural and to get to share with them weekly about it. My prayer for the children is that they grow more in the Lord and learn to love as He loves, and that through the love they show many will come to know the Father's love. Amen