God desires that our lives are filled with love for Him and His people. He wants us to journey through life by His wisdom and guidance. He wishes that we prosper financially and be in good health, soul and body. If you are married, intend to, or have children, God wants you to have a great family. And if you are in Christian ministry like myself, you are designed to be extraordinary like Jesus.

The purpose of these Meditation Notes therefore is to help you be all that God wants you to be in every area of life. By speaking them out loud to yourself, these power-filled confessions from the Holy Bible will spiritually impact your heart and your mind will progressively be renewed. Then you will experience radical yet positive changes in your love walk, character, decision making, finances, health and family.

By verbally meditating on God's Word, Joshua was assured of prosperity and success (Joshua 1:8). We too, as we give ourselves wholly to these meditation notes, our progress and development will be evident to all (1 Timothy 4:15), and to ourselves.

Below are links to the entire six volume set:

Volume 1 - Love and Character

Volume 2 - Wisdom and Guidance

Volume 3 - Prosperity and Favour

Volume 4 - Family and Marriage