by Christine Atwaza

In May 2015 I had this dream: It was time for Pastor Moses to pray for people at church. He was seated at the front; people were lining up in two rows – one row was of those kneeling and the other was of those standing. I joined the ‘kneeling’ row, and when my turn came for the Pastor to pray for me he said, “THE DROUGHT IS OVER.” He then proceeded to write MARRIAGE on a paper he had. I knew he was telling me that IT IS ALL DONE concerning the two issues – finances and marriage.

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by Pastor Moses Musinguzi

In 2006 I had a dream when I was at a party with Joyce Meyer (JM) and Creflo Dollar (CD). I told JM, "I listen to you when you're preaching about love, but when it comes to prosperity I rather listen to CD." She immediately responded with this statement: Young man, never separate those two things. I then addressed both of them, "JM you preach about love; and CD you preach about prosperity. As for me, I will preach both LOVE and PROSPERITY." As we departed after the party, JM and CD walked under one rain umbrella since it was drizzling. For me I walked behind them.


I received a divine calling to preach the message of Financial Prosperity which worketh by Love.

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