It is God being all-in-all that calls upon mankind to be of service to Him, as opposed to being a disservice.

First of all, God is served by actions and not by lip service yet, on the other side of that coin, He is actually served by lip service and not just by actions, as proof that one is not ashamed of Him.

Secondly, God is served by doing the minimum required of one who sees Providence, which is to acknowledge it as being of Him and be thankful, the flip side of which is that the minimum required of one given something is at least to get God a return on investment for it instead of returning it to God intact.

Thirdly, God is served by doing things in full (He is not served by half measures or missing some of the details) yet again it is not ensuring that nothing is left to be desired that serves Him but it is when serving Him finds that sweet spot where it knows by how it is pleased that He has been pleased. Now there isn't another detail or part of the equation to try to see what may have been missed since it feels like it's all there or is full.

By Mr. Hillary Turyagyenda