Before we were conceived in our mothers’ wombs, we actually preexisted with jobs God had assigned us to do for Him when He sends us to earth. It is our personal responsibility to discover our assignments and to fulfil them. Some people are blessed in that they easily get to clearly know their God-given callings. Some others must seek God for that knowledge. In whichever lot you fall, you are expected of God to fulfil that which was assigned to you long before you were born.

I got to know my calling not long after I got born again, and I am doing my best to fulfil it. I was born at a time when my father wanted a son whom he would name after Moses so that if Idi Amin killed him, that son, like Moses in the Bible, would take his sisters back ‘home’. When I was born, I was not only named Moses, but also surnamed Musinguzi so that I would be victorious in my assignment. Amazingly, I also came with a defect in my speech – stammering – just like Moses! By the way, I never want God to heal me of that stammering. It is a constant reminder of what I am here for.

When I received Jesus as Lord and Saviour, He quickly revealed unto me that my calling was the spiritual parallel of what my dad had in mind. God was going to use me as a prophet, just as Moses was. He would also work through me to deliver people from darkness back ‘home’ into His kingdom, just as Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt in order to take them to the Promised Land. That is why I often talk about the return of the Lord and what we should do to be counted worthy of His Kingdom. In a dream I had in 2006, God also revealed to me two other key messages that would characterise my calling and ministry. He told me that just as Moses was tasked with teaching God’s covenant people His commandments, I would also preach about love – the keeping of God's commandments (John 14:21). And just as Moses was tasked with taking the children of Israel to the Land flowing with milk and honey, I too would be used of God to bring financial wellbeing to His people. I am also called to build God a spiritual house (a church of Christians), just as Moses built Him a tabernacle.

A few days ago, I took time to assess how I was doing in each of the aspects of my calling. My self-evaluation concluded that I was doing well in all areas except one. I talked to God about it, and asked Him to help me. Later, I had a dream by which God revealed that I indeed needed to pull up my socks in that in which I was not fulfilling my calling as I should.

Therefore, I want to encourage you to equally assess your life and evaluate whether you are really on the path of accomplishing that for which you were sent to earth. Jesus is coming back soon and His desire is for you to have fulfilled your assignment before his return. You will be rewarded of Him according to the degree to which you will have done His will (Revelation 11:18). If you have not discovered your calling, now is the day to earnestly seek God about it. If you know what you are called to do, now is the day to ‘go for it’. That, by the way, entails spending your time wisely. For example, you will need to stop wasting time on social media, remembering that you will one day give an account of how you spent the days fashioned for you (Psalms 139:16).

“Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it.” (Colossians 4:17)