We need to understand that God has a central point from which every aspect of our lives operate, whether individually or corporately. That area is called “timing”. From the operation of that one word, lives can move forward with God or be hindered. Nations can advance spiritually, or regress. Life in the spirit realm has a timing to it just as life in the natural. Therefore it is vitally important for us to follow the leading of our spirit. We must learn that it’s not always right to move into action because it seems like the thing to do. This kind of obedience only comes with seasons of prayer and intercession.

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Before we were conceived in our mothers’ wombs, we actually preexisted with jobs God had assigned us to do for Him when He sends us to earth. It is our personal responsibility to discover our assignments and to fulfil them. Some people are blessed in that they easily get to clearly know their God-given callings. Some others must seek God for that knowledge. In whichever lot you fall, you are expected of God to fulfil that which was assigned to you long before you were born.

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