Last week on 13th November I received from one of us who lives in Dubai the wonderful message below which has been slightly edited for clarity.

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Many years ago, on the last day of a 12-hour forty-day fast, I heard the distinct audible voice of God. The Voice said, “Guard jealously what you have received.” A year later, on the last day of another 12-hour forty-day fast, I was with a group of Makerere University Main Scripture Union students on Buvuma Island for an evangelistic mission. Our prayer leader repeatedly told us in Luganda that morning, “Kuuma ekyo kyofunye” which when translated means, “guard that which you have received.” So you can see, how on two occasions, in different ways and languages, God admonished me to keep and guard what He had given me. But what was I to keep and guard? I later learnt that He was referring to the calling and anointing for ministry. He reminded me of a teaching by Roberts Liardon in which he said, “Guard jealously the call, the anointing you have received; fight for it in the realm of the spirit; never let it go.” It was the same thing that Paul told his spiritual son Timothy: “That good thing which was committed to you, keep by the Holy Spirit” (2 Timothy 1:14).

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