by Prophet Paul Jaiser Samuel

On the 13th of January 2017, I dreamt I was attending Zoe Fellowship. Prophet Elvis Mbonye called me out of the crowd and asked me, "Are you new in this fellowship?" I told him I had been a member since 2011. On hearing that, he excitedly further asked, "So, do you know Moses?" I answered, "Yes, I actually go to his church and I help him in ministry." Prophet Elvis then became more excited, pulled me aside and told me, "Please tell Moses to be careful not to mess up the work you guys are doing over there – it is a great work. Please let him not mess it up, it is a very great work."

by Andrew Kulubya (Drummer)

On the morning of Wednesday 11th January 2017 I, Andrew Kulubya, dreamt that I was attending the 2017 end of year prayers at LAT. The atmosphere was more of thanksgiving because a lot had happened throughout the year (2017) to celebrate. We were so many that our usual room wasn't large enough, so we had set up two conference rooms to use that day.

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