By Charlotte Bossa

On Friday 19th May 2017, I dreamt that a lady friend who I invited to and joined LAT met Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Without Pastor Moses’ knowledge, I invited them to our Sunday service. At the beginning  of the service, Pastor requested the Copelands to bless the congregation, to which they obliged. With outstretched arms, as Pastor stood behind them, they innocently blessed us.

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by Sarah Kenkuyu

We are gathered in an arena. Prophet Elvis starts to prophesy to prophets and pastors connected to Zoe Fellowship. Among them is you, Pastor Moses. Prophet Elvis tells you, “Surrounding you are angels and I see so many angels surrounding your church.” Then the Prophet speaks also into my life, and I tell him that LAT has always been my church, and the next time I come to Uganda I will surely visit it.

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