by Asha B. Jumba

On 1st October 2016, I dreamt I was seated in a restaurant. I was waiting for Pastor Moses Musinguzi, and when he came, he sat at my table. He told me about a book, and how very important it was for every person to read it.

Pastor seemed so passionate about the book. So I asked him how many copies of the book he had in mind for distribution. He said either 6000 or 600 copies - I don't clearly remember which of the two figures.

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by Prophet Paul Jasier Samuel as written by Denise Uwamwezi

In a dream on 21st September 2016, I met Pastor Moses who told me about his Q&A (question and answer) interview with the Daily Monitor concerning his book (Financial Prosperity) that is coming soon. As we spoke, I had a vision within the dream.

In that vision, I saw four people in different places reading Pastor Moses' book. For the first person I saw, a fire leaped out of the book into him. For the second person, a wind from the book blew into him. For the third person, light beamed from the pages of the book. And for the last individual, a spirit leaped out from the book into him.

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